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How to Be an Amazon Seller



Before you are able to sell goods in Amazon website, you have to create your own store with the use of the Amazon Seller Central. Being an amazon seller, you would have the option to make an individual or a professional account. Individuals may actually list their goods free of cost but if you would sell as a professional, this is going to cost you about $40 for every month and this would include additional fees according to the final sale value. Individuals ware going to pay about $0.99 for every item that is sold aside from the variable fees based on the item's category.


At present, people can sell goods in 20 categories and the professional sellers are approved to sell items in more than 15 additional categories. Know that the individual-approved categories are going to include consumer electronics, tools, books, and home improvement, toys and games. Also, the professionals need to meet the different requirements to be able to sell fine art, beauty products as well as wine.


If you know now what kind of account you like to make, then it is time that you register on an amazon seller central account. As a new seller, you should provide an email address as well as password before starting. If you are going to register as a business, then you will be asked to supply a contact information, business name, credit card information and also the tax identification number. Moreover, you would have to verify the contact or the phone number by supplying that 4-digit pin on the automated text or call. The process is quite fast and sellers may start listing the items immediately.


In order to sell the wares, you could start through searching the database of the site for the most excellent category. The keywords may include the title of the movie or book or simply the name of the product which is in question. If the item has ASIN or UP, then you can also search based on the value.


Also, you need to know that one of the really important steps in selling products on the Amazon site is setting prices. An advantage of the use of such for selling goods online is that you will be able to see what the other merchants would charge for similar items. If you like to make sure that the product sells over the others which are listed, then you have to ensure that you list the price with shipping and must be lower than that of the competitors. Moreover, you may specify when you want to handle the shipping or just leave this to Amazon.